Oil Free Future Summit 2014

Oil Free Future Summit 2014

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Oil Free Future Summit 2014
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Oil Free Otago to host New Zealand’s first Oil Free Future Summit in Dunedin

The summit dates will precede Anadarko’s planned deep sea exploratory drilling off our coast by a couple of weeks (peaceful protest action by the Oil Free Seas flotilla seems to have put them behind schedule). The event aims to show Anadarko, along with our local and national government, that there is strong opposition to deep sea drilling in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The weekend will be educational and enjoyable with art, talks, networking, and action in a family friendly setting.

Friday, 10th January 
Art Opening
The evening will include an art opening at the Community Gallery, exhibiting works by local and national artists, themed Oil On CanvasArtists should register before 30 December. Art can be submitted up until 9 January.

Saturday, 11th January 
Academic and professional talks from local and national experts closest to the issue. Come and hear stories from the Oil Free Seas flotilla.

The famous MESS WITH TEXAS gig will rock the town. Ten gallon hats welcome!

Sunday, 12th January 
Church Service
A special themed church service will emphasize climate change and deep sea drilling as a moral dilemma of our time.

Day of Action
Following will be a Call-to-Action as a family friendly celebration on the beautiful Otago Harbour.

Volunteer & Donate
The summit is a contribution to the national campaign against deep sea drilling in New Zealand. If you would like to assist in the planning or production of the event visit the volunteer page. Include any information on offers of assistance, from funding to organising, from planning to actioning, all ideas are welcome!  Also, to make a donation visit the Oil Free Future Summit 2014 fundraising account.

Contact Us! We always love to hear from you. Email: oilfreefuturesummit@gmail.com

One comment

  1. i am hoping to attend with my family. i am also hoping that the vibration of the event is far more pro solution than anti problem. i believe that focus must remain on the ways we can live without oil and not so much on STOP the bad guys and fight the problem, because to me that is a vibration of resistance and that only serves to strengthen that which is not wanted (the rape of the earth)
    The dominant vibration must be allowance of the solution. Hopefully this makes sense to you… arohanui.

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