How You Can Help

1. Tell your friends / Spread Awareness
Many people in our region are still unaware about the plans for deep-sea drilling off our coast.
Some people have heard mention of the drilling plans, but are unaware of how active the government is in recruiting more drilling with the block offer process. Let everyone know so that they can make decisions and take action! Oil Free Otago is available to come speak to your group more about what is happening in Aotearoa with deep sea drilling.

2. Come to our meetings.
Oil Free Otago holds regular meetings, if you would like to get involved with what we are
doing and contribute to how we are doing it, send us an email to
for an invite.

3. Host a sign.
We have signs available for you to put up in visible locations. If you are or someone you know is interested in hosting a sign, we can drop it off and help you put it up. Contact us!

4. Divest!
Among hundreds of organisations worldwide, our Dunedin City Council and part of the University of Otago have divested from fossil fuels. Your business, church and organisation can easily divest too by moving its money away from supporting fossil fuels. Contact us or for ideas on how to get started. Meanwhile, sign this petition asking the University of Otago Council to divest as well.

5. Make a donation.
We are a grass-roots group so we always need stuff! You can donate money, time or any of the goods listed below. Every little bit is appreciated. Thank you!

To make a financial contribution you can do so online:

Oil Free Otago
Kiwi Bank – 38-9015-0104292-00


List of Useful Items you could donate:

-Paint or old paint brushes
– Corflute (or other signage materials)
– old sheets
– paper
– plywood
– window or fence space for a sign
– shop window space
your skills (e.g. photography, web design etc)

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