Open Lecture: Can we stay below 2 deg C? Will NZ govt assist this target?


Open Lecture by Professor Dr. Bob Lloyd

Can we stay below 2 degrees and will NZ INDCs assist this target?

When: Thursday 23 July, 2015, 4-5 pm

Where: Seminar Room, 563 Castle Street

About the talk:

Bob will outline the difficulty of staying below two degrees as presented in the 5th IPCC mitigation report. He will also clarify the various terminology used by the IPCC reporting as this is confusing  when considering mitigation options. Then he will analyse the NZ INDC contribution and show that instead of obtaining a reduction in emissions from the 1990 level the NZ Government is actually promising an increase in both the gross CO2 equivalent and the gross CO2 levels.

About the Speaker:

profDRBLOriginally from Australia, Dr Bob Lloyd came to New Zealand in 2002 after  working for the Australian Co-operative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE), at Murdoch University in Perth where he worked on renewable energy systems for remote areas and managed  various research projects including wind power, fuel cells, advanced battery systems and PV diesel hybrid systems. At ACRE he coordinated and edited a major review of standards in place for renewable energy systems in Australia which also included a section on training opportunities available in Australia in the renewable energy sector. Bob was also involved in managing the research program for the Centre for Appropriate Technology (Alice Springs) where he undertook an extensive survey of remote off grid PV systems located in Aboriginal communities.  He has also extensive experience in the Pacific  based at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji for nearly 20 years with 10 years as Director of the Institute of Applied Science.

He was the Director of Energy Studies at Otago University (Physics Department) until early 2015 with research interests in energy conservation in residential housing and energy management, including world energy resources and the implications of fossil fuel use on climate change. He is now part time at Otago University  pursuing independent consultant opportunities in particular assisting Pacific Nations sort out their INDCs.

Please see  for more information.

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