Activists disrupt cityscape – Press Release

Activists disrupt cityscape

Get the Shell out of Lego, say activists

Today a breakaway group of Lego activists staged a protest in the heart of Legoland, in the magnificent Lego “White City” at the Dunedin Art Gallery. The activists are protesting against their company’s association with giant oil corporation Shell.

“Shell is polluting our kids’ imagination” said Lego spokesman Emmet. “Shell is using its LOGO on our LEGO to  controversy over its climate impacts and highly dangerous plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.”

“LEGO is a good company to work for” added Emmet. “They even have a policy to make all LEGO toys out of non-fossil fuels by 2030. But we cannot allow LEGO’s cosy partnership with SHELL to undermine their efforts to combat climate change.”

“We are calling on our bosses at LEGO to stand up for Arctic protection, and for children, by ditching SHELL for good.”

“And while they’re at it, they should stay out of the Great South Basin” said Emmet.

“Not only is SHELL poised to destroy the Arctic, it is about to put your beautiful southern ocean and beaches at risk too. We cannot stand by while our LEGO bosses remain pals with this company. We are not pawns. SHELL’s aggressive drilling agenda is risking the future of the very kids we LEGO characters love so much.”

Emmet added that he and his LEGO pals are great admirers of Lucy Lawless. “Lucy is a heroine of ours” said Emmet. “She brought the world’s attention to Shell’s dastardly deeds in the Arctic. We are pleased to be in New Zealand today to carry on her great work.”


LEGO spokesman Emmet, due to his small size, is wary of being ignored by the media and will be represented by Dunedin friends Oil Free Otago.

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  1. “Lego is setting a target to use a sustainable resin in its signature bricks by 2030, replacing ABS.” Source:

    Lego aims to be “100 percent renewable energy in 2020.” Source:

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