Otago Flotilla Sets Sail

Otago Flotilla Oil Free Otago

Otago Flotilla sets sail to confront Anadarko’s deep sea oil drill ship 8-Feb-2014

Great turn out today at the flotilla send off! The flotilla is off to meet Anadarko’s ship at sea to tell them why we don’t need or want deep sea oil drilled off our coasts! Check out the media links below. More updates soon!

DunedinTV: Oil Free Otago flotilla sets sail this weekend

TVNZ: Otago oil drilling protesters sets sail

3NEWS: Oil protesters to tackle Otago sea

ODT: ‘David and Goliath’ quest

Scoop: Otago community sets sail in protest of deep sea drilling

Give-a-little fundraiser: Otago Flotilla

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