Quarantine Island Fight for Their Right to Oppose Deep Sea Drilling


Press Release

no drill
In late October 2013 the St Martin Island Community Inc erected a NO
DRILL sign on our jetty on Quarantine Island, Otago Harbour. The sign
was provided by Oil Free Otago on our request after we initiated a
meeting between the two groups.

On the 10th January 2014 we were issued with an abatement notice from
the Otago Regional Council to remove the NO DRILL signage from the jetty
on Quarantine Island. We are appealing this abatement notice.

In the abatement notice ORC state that the signage is advertising and
that the coastal permit for the jetty does not allow this, but SMIC
believe the signage provides a prudent safety message.

The RMA legislation is effects based – this signage is all about
reducing our environmental effects’ SMIC spokesperson Francine Vella said.

The St Martin Island Community have lodged an appeal against the
abatement notice with the Environment Court.

Francine Vella on Behalf of the St Martin Island Community Inc,
Quarantine Island, Otago Harbour.

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