OMG OMV are Getting the F… Out!

IMG-0289OMG, OMV are getting the F… OUT of the GSB! Haere ra OMV! Let’s celebrate!

We’re so lucky to live alongside this wild ocean and be surrounded by the amazing creatures that call it home. If you can, take some time at the beach, in the water, by your favourite spot overlooking the southern ocean, and celebrate!

Here at Oil Free Otago we have not a skerrick of sympathy for OMV, but it’s been a tough few months for them – and ok, we’ll take some credit for that. We’ve helped hold up their henchboat the Skandi Atlantic in Timaru, blockade their New Plymouth office and sent heaps of letters over the years telling them to bugger off.

Then, after a sneaky journey over New Year (through smoke from the Australian bush fires) to get to their Great South Basin drill site the crew of the giant COSL Prospector went and cut off their own drill shaft.

The COSL Prospector was talked up by the industry – the grandest drill rig ever to reach these parts, built for harsh North Sea conditions, kept in place by a dynamic positioning system of 6 fixed pitch, variable speed thrusters (DP3). Woops, that sawn off drill replacement must have cost a pretty penny.

The COSL Prospector’s first NZ job was for Tamarind Resources off the Taranaki Coast last year. That didn’t last long when part way through the contract Tamarind went broke, owing local Taranaki suppliers around $360 million.

Now this. Broken drill shaft. No oil. No gas.

Now this! Now, two thirds of the world’s albatrosses – represented on our Oil Free Otago logo – along with southern right whales, penguins, NZ sea lions and other unique and endangered creatures, are safe from Austrian oil giant predator OMV’s invasion of their home.

But – our work isn’t over. All of our futures remain endangered by the continued exploration for more oil and gas anywhere in the world in the midst of a climate emergency. People get the connection between Australia’s horrific fires, the unprecedented Southland floods, for 2 examples, and OMV’s search for more oil and gas that will only worsen climate breakdown.

We know we can’t burn most of what’s already on the books of OMV and their oil industry mates and retain a liveable future.

And we know that people power can make a difference. OMV: you’re not off the hook.

It’s great to see the OMV rig and their four henchboats exit our southern ocean. Now it’s time for them to exit Aotearoa NZ altogether. Haere ra OMV.



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