Petroleum Conference unearthed!

Another world is possible1

School students at last year’s Petroleum Conference in Wellington shouting “We are unstoppable. Another world is possible!”

It’s at the Millenium Hotel Queenstown Sunday 29 Sept – Tuesday 1 Oct

Despite the ban on new deep sea oil permits, school student climate strikes, heatwaves, droughts, cyclones and fires from the Amazon to the arctic, the oil industry is planning to keep destroying the world for short term profit.

They tried to keep this year’s conference a secret, but we tracked them down.

Come and join us to remind them: Business As Usual is over

All welcome, please help… it’s our future!!!

Join the “Stop The Petroleum Conference (forever)”

or email

We are a small group of volunteers prepared to put our bodies in the way to stop this industry, for the sake of all our futures. If you are able, we are grateful for any donation, no matter how small

Oil Free Otago

Kiwibank 38-9015-0104292-00

Thank you!


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